Gifts for My Daughter’s Birthday

My daughter has loved flashy things ever since she was a baby. She is now almost a teen, and her fascination has only increased. I know a lot of girls her age love glitter and sequins when it comes to fashion, but she takes it a step further. I always get her something nice for her birthday that has sequins on it, and this year is no exception. I did not want to get her any clothes because she is getting to where she likes to pick out her own. I did see a nice custom sequin pillow website though that showed a lot of promise.

I bookmarked it so I could look at it when she was not at home because she likes to see what I am doing on the computer. When she went to a friend’s house to play, I pulled up the site and knew that it was exactly the right place to buy a few of her gifts from. I was only planning on getting a sequin pillow from the website, but they carry so much more than that. I was able to look at everything, and I ended up picking three different things for her.

The first two are pillows. The first pillow is gray with sequins over half of it. The next one has a blue sheep on it with a picture of my daughter in the center of the pillow. It also has some sequins on it, but I knew she would like it because it has her photo on it. It also has her name on it, and I really adore how it turned out! I also got her a journal with sequins on the cover so she can start writing since she has been asking for a journal for a few weeks now. I cannot wait to give these gifts to her!