What to Know about Trade Show Fixed Wireless Point-to-Point Bandwidth

Fixed wireless internet, also known as point to point microwave is a good technology that can be used to offer bandwidth for events. One of the advantages of the fixed wireless point to point bandwidth from Trade Show Internet is that it can be set up quickly. It is not invasive at all and as such, it can be used in venues such as hotels and conference rooms without interfering with the existing networks in the venues. You can visit https://tradeshowinternet.com/services/4g-internet-kit to learn more.

Now, when you order for the fixed wireless internet from Trade Show Internet, you will have it fixed at your venue in the shortest time possible. This can be done in one to three days after you make the order. You will also be happy to note that TSI has a nationwide coverage of the fixed point to point wireless broadband. As such, you can benefit from this service wherever you are in The United States.

You will benefit from the asymmetrical speeds that this bandwidth offers. You can get 25×25 Mbps up to 1×1 Gbps, which is definitely enough bandwidth to serve any number of clients or attendees that you may have in your event. … Read More

Techniques that supermarkets use to encourage spending

With the average UK consumer making 221 trips to the supermarket every year, there’s plenty of opportunity for these stores to make use of clever ways to increase consumer spend. In fact, millions has been invested to figure out how to make shoppers buy more.


Just the way that stores are designed can increase the amount a customer will spend. For example, many supermarkets encourage impulse buys by stocking magazines and chocolate or chewing gum at the checkouts. Special offers are often at the end of an aisle so they get maximum visibility, as discussed in The Independent, and this clever tactic could be amplified by the use of digital signage.

Another method is placement of fruit and vegetables. These items are often at the front of store, which arguably doesn’t make sense, as they’re more likely to get bruised. However, it has been shown that shoppers are in a better mood if they buy healthy food first and more likely to pick up treats as they go round.

Appealing to all senses

Supermarkets utilise marketing for all the senses to encourage purchases. Some are well known, such as having a bakery to give the smell of freshly … Read More

8 Ways To Wear Micro Mini Dresses Without Looking Trashy

Throughout winter, you have been covering your legs and now it’s time to give them some breathing space. So you found hot micro mini dress but are not sure about how much skin to flaunt. A possible option is to wear tight but then the weather is too hot for that. Find out ways to style that sexy dress without troubling your legs with tights and still look elegant.

  1. Don’t forget the undergarments

It doesn’t matter how fancy or free-styled you are. Make sure that you put on the most appropriate undergarments when wearing a mini gown. Find some comfortable underwear that give sufficient coverage. Look for shape wears to give a controlled silhouette around the bust, hips and thighs.

  1. Consider the occasion

Micro-mini dresses for sale are of course short but the formality of an event should dictate the actual length and design. For a more formal occasion, choose a dress that is not too tight. Remember that you will have to sit down at some point and you don’t want to face awkwardness as you fidget on a chair trying to pull down a tight mini which keeps on moving up your waist. Be practical and choose a … Read More