Fashionable Tips for Women Over 40

You need to choose a suitable tailor.
There is no limit in the world of fashion. No matter how old you are, as long as the fashion items used are still right, all will be valid.
But there are some women who begin to lose confidence when they are 40 years and over. They are confused about what clothes are suitable for everyday wear, travel, or even a vacation.
Here are 5 tips to appear sylish for women over the age of 40 years, as reported by Purewow.

Choose Favorite Tailor
It is currently important to pay attention to body shape when choosing clothing. Find people who trust to make clothes worn level up.
It’s good, you have a favorite tailor. Because just one inch a pair of blazers or pants worn will make all the difference in the body.

Don’t Give Up on Heels
Usually age 40 years and over prefer to wear flat shoes rather than heels. But you know, heels with sensible heels can make the look even smaller.
Just choose mules, pump heels, or two or three inch ankle heels that are comfortable for hangouts.

Bell Sleeves
Bell sleeves, also known as bell sleeves, will give a separate statement to your style. This bell-shaped arm can also be used to get around the appearance of a large-looking arm

Darker Denim
Usually young women choose bright denim for its outfit. For you aged 40 years and over, avoid using it so that it looks better.
Choose a neutral color, such as black, cream, gray so that the arms don’t look big.
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Shades of White? No need to worry !

Many recommend that women plus size to avoid wearing clothes with bright tones such as white. Even though women with a fat proportion may use white clothing.
But to avoid the boring impression of the all-white clothing style, plus size women can outsmart it by following attractive looking tips with women’s plus size white outfits that will be discussed this time.

Choose a different texture
By combining two or three different textures, the appearance of a woman plus size will look more stylish. For example, when you want to appear in a monochrome style, you can combine subordinates by wearing jeans with a white outer blouse.

Create other white nuances
Maybe most people think white is just that, even though the white color itself has several kinds of derivatives such as snow white, ivory white, and others. Plus size women can create a style of dress with different white colors.

Add a neutral touch
To further make the style of white clothes look more natural, you can wear other fashion items as an antidote to white. For example, you can wear nude shoes, or you can also wear silver shoes with a pump model.

Face makeup, and hair
After you finish choosing the fashion items that will be worn, plus size women are also very obliged to pay attention to face makeup, and hairdo. For the make up section, don’t hesitate to wear red lipstick, with metallic colored eyeliner. And for hair, you can arrange it with a fast, curly, or ponytail style.
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Visa to Launch New VCR Process— What Retailers Should Expect

Visa is only three months away from launching an update of their dispute settlement process—the Visa Claims Resolution (VCR). And in attempt to help retailers understand the new adjustments, Chargebacks911 (a.k.a. The Chargeback Company) is already advising retailers on what to anticipate.

The updated VCR is intended to change the worsening chargeback situation. Universal card fraud losses may double (from 22.8bn to 43.8bn) between 2016 and 2025 period— as disclosed by the Nilson Report. Surprisingly, “friendly fraud” or scam committed by customers account for the majority of these losses. And because the dispute process is the only way merchants can fight friendly fraud, many begun waiting with bated breath when Visa promised to augment chargeback resolution.

With the edited Visa Claims Resolution scheduled to get underway as of April 15, 2018, Chargebacks911 is already breaking down the process to simplify things for acquirers & merchants— and advising them on the new requirements. According to Monica Eaton Cardone, Chagerbacks911’s Chief Operating Officer, the VCR is only as effective as the retailers’ understanding and preparedness for it.

The main changes VCR has made include;

• Shortening dispute resolution procedure to speed up the process
• Categorize reasons into codes as MasterCard did in their 2015 initiative.
According to the Chargeback Company, here’s how the VCR will likely impact your business and how to get ready for the changes.

1-Reason Code 75 has been eliminated

The “Chargeback reason code 75” which deals with “Unrecognized Transaction” has been removed. In the new VCR, issuers are expected to acquire much of the information they need from cardholders and scrutinize it before filing a chargeback claim, which is an advantage for merchants. Even though this move may not do away with any extra chargebacks, it will make sure the cases are well coded and give retailers more precise insights into claims.

2- Variation in codes across Card Issues may lead to more errors

With these amendments, retailers can no longer rely on almost-matching reason codes to help them spot and decode chargeback disputes. Business owners that utilize outdated systems or those without in-house professional know-how will suffer most.

3- There’s an additional fee (fine) for retailers who fail to present dispute data on time

A merchant who fails to give dispute information within the stipulated time frame will pay an extra fee. Visa added this rule to ensure more merchants adopt their VCR process. The card issuer has stated that retailers who don’t take part in dispute activity will automatically forfeit their chargeback dispute rights and may pay a higher fee.

The response time for a dispute is being reduced by almost half. At present, Banks have 45 to 100 days. This matches up the 15-day window most banks inflict on retailers. However, VCR’s more advanced process intends to reduce this window by 50 percent, with talks in progress to cut it down to only 20 days come October 2018.

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