8 Ways To Wear Micro Mini Dresses Without Looking Trashy

Throughout winter, you have been covering your legs and now it’s time to give them some breathing space. So you found hot micro mini dress but are not sure about how much skin to flaunt. A possible option is to wear tight but then the weather is too hot for that. Find out ways to style that sexy dress without troubling your legs with tights and still look elegant.

  1. Don’t forget the undergarments

It doesn’t matter how fancy or free-styled you are. Make sure that you put on the most appropriate undergarments when wearing a mini gown. Find some comfortable underwear that give sufficient coverage. Look for shape wears to give a controlled silhouette around the bust, hips and thighs.

  1. Consider the occasion

Micro-mini dresses for sale are of course short but the formality of an event should dictate the actual length and design. For a more formal occasion, choose a dress that is not too tight. Remember that you will have to sit down at some point and you don’t want to face awkwardness as you fidget on a chair trying to pull down a tight mini which keeps on moving up your waist. Be practical and choose a comfortable little dress.

  1. Menswear-inspired look

Try putting on a blazer on top of the tiny dress. The look is sexy and at the same time down-to -earth.

  1. Bodycon mini skirt and asymmetrical top

Giving more coverage to one side is like placing the hem line at the mid-point. This takes care of the small length.

  1. Long jacket

In any case you feel uncomfortable with your behind, throw on one of your light but long jackets. Leave the jacket open in order to flaunt the legs while your back remains covered.

  1. Bodysuit

A bodysuit will enhance your shape by keeping it definite. You don’t have to worry about the underwear if you are in a bodysuit.

  1. Pull out some casual flats

Flats are great way to downplay a short dress. It would even be better if paired with other casual pieces like denim jackets or flat boots.

  1. Choose opaque materials

Ensure that the small dress is thick enough so that the skin under it is not revealed. If you feel that the material is translucent, put on a shift underneath.

Short dresses are not designed the same way. Some are bodycons, while others flowy. You should consider your body shape and size before picking one. For huge women, plus size micro mini dresses and A-line mini dresses are the best options. If your legs are straighter, choose a dress with more flow to help her legs look more feminine. It is vital to wear a dress that defines your age.


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How to style a grandad shirt

Despite their misleading name, grandad shirts needn’t look old and fusty at all. If you’ve been wondering how to style a grandad shirt for every occasion then read on for our essential guide to rocking this on-trend top.

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The key feature of the grandad shirt is that it’s virtually collarless, with just a small collar usually of around two centimeters at the base of the neck. The reason for this was because it arose from the early 20th century when factory workers would rip off their oversize collars to stop them getting in the way of machinery. The other key thing to know about a grandad shirt is that it is set to be huge in men’s fashion for the upcoming autumn winter season.

Go casual

One of the best ways to wear this shirt is in an informal way which lends itself well to this kind of top. Pair it with a simple white t-shirt, jeans or chinos and wear it open. This look is perfect for breezy summer days, informal gatherings or as day to day wear. This also ties in with another key trend; layering.

With a cardigan

Yes, team it with yet another old man bit of clothing on chilly days for a surprisingly modern and fresh look. A cardigan is certainly the way forward as opposed to a crew neck jumper which would swallow too much of the tiny collar or a v-neck that would simply be at odds with it. In fact, no jumper really works well with a collarless shirt which is why it has to be the dependable cardigan. Make a statement autumn look by matching the colour of the cardigan and the shirt (and if you have the style-guts, the trousers too); another key trend for the autumn/winter ahead.

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 Go formal

The grandad shirt can be adapted for formal occasions with ease. In this instance do it right up to the top button and pair with a slim fit blazer and trousers. Ideal for laid-back autumnal weddings or meals out. This kind of shirt is available from many brands including the ever popular collection of mens Farah shirts found at http://ejmenswear.com/brands/farah.

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Beauty and designer Umbrella – What Options Are There?

There is no reason concerning why you ought to be adhered to the conventional dull strong shaded umbrellas when you can really go for beauty umbrellas which are striking and amusing to bear.

The best thing about beauty umbrella is that they are intended to be delightful and to emerge from the group. You will probably attract in consideration while conveying this kind of umbrella than while conveying a typical standard umbrella made to offer assurance as it were. But, to truly emerge when utilizing your beauty umbrella, you have to focus on the decision you make. The following are some useful hints that will guarantee you emerge with your excellence umbrellas.

These umbrellas for the most part come in splendid clear colors that make them emerge. On the off chance that you love consideration, they are certainly the umbrellas you ought to go for. Their splendid colors and one of a kind designs will draw in consideration regarding you. You can choose colors and examples that are anything but difficult to work with a wide range of outfits so one umbrellas can work for your polished look any given day.

Beauty umbrella buying tips

In as much these umbrellas focus more on being in stylish you certainly need to get yourself an umbrella that will prove to be useful in shielding you from cruel UV beams and the rain obviously. Thus, consider the nature of your umbrella close by the delightful examples and plans. Look at the edge and the development of the umbrella so you can pick a tough one to serve your style and security requirements for a drawn out stretch of time.

The size is likewise a big thought to remember. In the event that you are conscious  about what you look like, you won’t just be searching for a fashionable umbrella that is delightful and utilitarian additionally one that you can without much of a stretch store away. Compact the measure of the umbrella and how simple it will be for you to convey it alongside you. Minimal umbrellas are here and there best as form umbrellas since they give you the adaptability of putting away them inside your tote or tote when not being used. Pick a size that won’t be an annoyance to bear when searching for an umbrella that adds style to your look.

In the event that you are a business getting custom beauty umbrellas as limited time things, consider your intended interest group and settle on umbrella decisions that will meet with their age inclinations.

Excellence umbrellas are not your general umbrellas, but rather will be somewhat designed in view of form for style conscious  clients. Umbrella providers are presently offering chic, exquisite umbrella outlines that are enjoyable to bear and utilize even by the more youthful clients who loathe the hustle of using or convey an umbrella. When you have an umbrella that matches your style, you will love utilizing it and notwithstanding labeling it long with you when … Read More

5 Crucial Style Mistakes That Ruins Your Look

How often do you feel that the clothes you wear do not look good on you while they look good on other people?  Do you find difficulty in dressing up smartly and are unable to look stylish even if you put a lot of effort in dressing up?

If you are facing these problems, then there is a 90% probability that you are doing some crucial mistakes that you are unaware of and these mistakes are destroying your looks.

It’s never late to work on your mistakes and learn from them. This article will be introducing you to the five major mistakes men make that ruin their looks.

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  1. Not wearing well-fitted clothes:

You will never be able to dress well if you wear clothes that don’t fit you properly. No matter how good the outfit looks in the display, if it doesn’t fit you properly it will not look good on you. The reason behind this is that well fitted clothes compliment your features whereas ill-fitted clothes draw attention towards the problem areas.

Most of the guys make this mistake of wearing ill-fitted clothes because they think that large sized clothes will hide their body and cover up their problem areas, whereas others wear tight fitted dresses in the hope that they will smooth out their belly bulges. What they don’t realize is that ill-fitted clothes make the problem areas more visible.

Do not wear baggy or extra tight shirts. Choose a shirt that fits nicely and retains the free range of movement of arms.


  1. Wearing black shoes with every outfit


This is one of the major mistake most guys do. Wearing black shoes with different types and colors of outfit does not always work, instead it gives you an incomplete look. If you want a pair of shoes that could go with most of your outfits then medium brown brogue is the right option.




  1. Wasting money by buying clothes that are not versatile:


An overly filled wardrobe will do no good if you don’t know how to pull the outfits together. If you are not able to pair them up with other outfits you cannot come up with new styles and trendy looks. You are just bound to wear them in the same combination that you bought them in, because they won’t work well with any other outfit. A man in a versatile casual wear will always look better than the one wearing the same sloppy suit every day.



  1. Matching pocket squares with your tie:


 Most of the men make this common mistake of matching their pocket squares with their tie when actually they should match it with the color of their shirt. You must have seen news anchors on TV they never match their pocket squares with their ties

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