5 Crucial Style Mistakes That Ruins Your Look

How often do you feel that the clothes you wear do not look good on you while they look good on other people?  Do you find difficulty in dressing up smartly and are unable to look stylish even if you put a lot of effort in dressing up?

If you are facing these problems, then there is a 90{61b3d31998176e5dceb856580a549ae810c3a1adebdea297a49ad24371ab867d} probability that you are doing some crucial mistakes that you are unaware of and these mistakes are destroying your looks.

It’s never late to work on your mistakes and learn from them. This article will be introducing you to the five major mistakes men make that ruin their looks.

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  1. Not wearing well-fitted clothes:

You will never be able to dress well if you wear clothes that don’t fit you properly. No matter how good the outfit looks in the display, if it doesn’t fit you properly it will not look good on you. The reason behind this is that well fitted clothes compliment your features whereas ill-fitted clothes draw attention towards the problem areas.

Most of the guys make this mistake of wearing ill-fitted clothes because they think that large sized clothes will hide their body and cover up their problem areas, whereas others wear tight fitted dresses in the hope that they will smooth out their belly bulges. What they don’t realize is that ill-fitted clothes make the problem areas more visible.

Do not wear baggy or extra tight shirts. Choose a shirt that fits nicely and retains the free range of movement of arms.


  1. Wearing black shoes with every outfit


This is one of the major mistake most guys do. Wearing black shoes with different types and colors of outfit does not always work, instead it gives you an incomplete look. If you want a pair of shoes that could go with most of your outfits then medium brown brogue is the right option.




  1. Wasting money by buying clothes that are not versatile:


An overly filled wardrobe will do no good if you don’t know how to pull the outfits together. If you are not able to pair them up with other outfits you cannot come up with new styles and trendy looks. You are just bound to wear them in the same combination that you bought them in, because they won’t work well with any other outfit. A man in a versatile casual wear will always look better than the one wearing the same sloppy suit every day.



  1. Matching pocket squares with your tie:


 Most of the men make this common mistake of matching their pocket squares with their tie when actually they should match it with the color of their shirt. You must have seen news anchors on TV they never match their pocket squares with their ties

Even matching with the color of your shirt is not a rule of thumb, you should feel free to choose the color of your pocket square that goes with the overall outlook.






  1. Only construction workers can wear boots:


Most people are mistaken into thinking that boots could only be worn by construction workers. A wide variety of boots are available from dress boots to casual boots. Wearing boots can give you a trendy and a stylish look.


Author Bio:

Claire Ashley is a Fashion Designer and Blogger at https://www.menssuithabit.com/ who loves to share her professional views on latest Men’s styling trends. She is a creative dynamite who believes that the world should honor two things limitlessly: Ideas and beauty! 🙂